Monday, February 11, 2008

Ospital ng Makati: Health Care for the Urban Poor

The Makati Health Programme (MHP) was designed to provide residents of the city of Makati with monthly incomes not exceeding PhP8,000 (US$156) access to quality health care. The cost of health care in Philippine urban centers is so prohibitive that it is beyond the reach of citizens belonging to this income bracket. Also included, as programme beneficiaries are the elderly and city government employees including public school teachers, policemen and firemen. Makati is one of the few cities in the Philippines that provide subsidized quality health care to its constituents.

The local government of Makati has as its private sector partner the Makati Medical Centre. The programme has two non-governmental organization (NGO) partners: the Ospital ng Makati Foundation and Bagong Ina ng Bayan.

The program has given beneficiaries the opportunity to avail of services such as major surgeries in one of the best private hospitals in the Philippines. In 2000, 50,042 cardholders were treated at the Makati Medical Center, with total billings of PhP170 million (US$3.3 million). Under the terms of the expenses sharing scheme, the city government of Makati shouldered PhP96 million (US$1.9 million), and Makati Medical Center, P74 million (US$1.4 million).

The DeSales group helped the staff at the hospital tend to their patients.

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