Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chinese NEW YEAR Party: EAST Meets WEST

The DeSales team celebrated the Chinese New Year with Chinese friends here in the US. A fun New Year party, new friends, and a continuing effort for global understanding. The folks come from many places: Mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Dominican Republic, Philippines, and the US.


Danielle K said...

That was so much fun! Im glad we all got to meet eachother and exchange e-mail/facebook addresses. Thankyou Dr. J!!

Eric said...

It was a fun night indeed! Thanks so much Dr. Jubilan for arranging this celebration. The students we met were all very friendly and the food was great. Maybe we will see each other in the future. The Domican Princess and myself only wish we could have stayed longer!

Johanna said...

Eric, I could have not agreed with you more =) Meeting new friends is always fun, especially when we can share the same ideals. I had a lot of fun.
Oh! Telling Eric the secret behind century eggs(or better say the myth) was the highlight of my night. Boy! Eric's face was priceless. hahaha

Thanks Dr. J!!