Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ferry Ride: From Makati to Boracay

On Sunday, January 6th we embarked on an eighteen-hour journey from Makati to Boracay. The picture on the above shows the bus stop in Makati. It was very crowded and a lot of merchants make a living by selling their products to travelers. We didn’t know what to expect, but we did know it was going to be an adventure. And it was!

The group traveled on a passenger’s bus and Ferry. The buses go on the Ferry and for the passengers’ convenience we did not have to unload our luggage. During the bus ride, the driver makes a few stops and picks up merchants. These merchants give passengers a sample of what they are selling and then walk back selling the product. One of us purchased coconut candy. This is a great business idea because it benefits the seller and the passengers on the bus.

While on the first Ferry ride we played cards and napped for the most part. At first I was afraid I would get seasick, but later realized the boat didn’t move too fast. We enjoyed taking pictures in the upper deck and admiring the breathtaking view at sunset. The Ferry ride was a cultural experience as well. It helped us understand the people of the Philippines by experiencing things that we normally in the United States.

On the second Ferry ride, four of us stayed outside on the prow for most of the time. It was nighttime and we wanted to see the stars. It was an amazing night; as soon as we sat down (on blankets we had brought with us) we saw a shooting star. Simple things make me happy … this is one perfect example. Eric and I listened to Irish music on my MP3 while looking at the blanket of stars above us. The night was clear and the stars seemed to be reachable by just extending our arms.


Dr.J said...

Bus and ferry ride: 2,000 Pesos. Hot soup at 2AM aboard the ferry: 20 Pesos. Sleeping under the stars: PRICELESS!

Johanna said...

True story. PRICELESS! =)